Last Updated: 7/27/2018 6:44 PM


2020 Football Schedule

Under normal circumstances, we would have had in-person registration at UHS for the 2020 Football Season by now.  However, in light of the current situation with school cancellation, that hasn't been possible, so instead, we will use an online registration process for this purpose.

The season, and summer practice sessions, are rapidly approaching, so if you are interested in playing football next year, I need for you to go to our website and fill in the registration form, as soon as possible.  EVERYONE MUST REGISTER, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU PLAYED LAST YEAR OR NOT.

To register to play football for the 2020-2021 season, do this:

    1.  Go to our website at

    2.  Click on the option at the top called NEW PLAYER OR EMAIL

    3.  Scroll down to the 2nd option on the page, called PLAYER REGISTRATION

    4.  Fill in all of the questions (questions marked with a * are required - all others are optional)

    5.  Once you have all of the questions completed, click on the gold SEND button at the bottom of the form