MHS 8th Grade Band Step Up Meeting

Pic: MHS Band

More info from an email from the Band:


One final message for this evening.  This one is going to all current Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen, and incoming 8th Graders.


It’s time to start sending in the fees for the 2019-2020 MHS Band school year.  The fees are the same as last year with slightly modified due dates.  The fees and due dates are as follows:


BAND FEES 2019-2020




Band Camp











February 15th


March 15th

Instrument Rental

Includes Percussion & Majorettes (MACE)







February 15th


March 15th


Please be sure to annotate your child’s name and payment information in the memo section of your check.  For example:  John Smith – ½ Band Camp & Uniform Fees.


We have also updated the Handbook for the 2019-2020 school year.  The revised Handbook is attached.  Please look it over with your student.


One big change to the Handbook is the elimination of the M&M and Percussion requirements.  These two groups have separate meetings where specific requirements information will be shared.


This weekend I’ll be sending out the 2019-2020 forms along with information for becoming a chaperone.


Hope everyone has a great week.  Stay warm!

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