MHS Freshman Scheduling Information

Pic: Scheduling

Here's the Plan...

Tuesday, April 6--The MHS counselors will come to hold an assembly with our 8th graders.  They will present on scheduling and some basic MHS info.  You'll want to be here...and pay attention. Paperwork will be handed out the week of April 6 through science classes.

Thursday, April 15--All paperwork must be filled out and turned in to Your Science Teacher

Distance/Remote Kids: There will be a recording made available from the 6th.  All forms are also available online.

Monday-Tuesday, April 19-20--Counselors from MHS will sit down with students to go over their paperwork and schedule them for their freshman year.

You can find some helpful info by going to the links below. DO NOT do anything with the PEP forms until directed to do so.  Distant learners and others can use the online link to fill out (after the 6th).  Use the Course Description Book to determine what classes you'd like to take.

I ALWAYS encourage 8th graders to sign up for an IR if you can. (It's like a study you can work on homework).

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