20-21 MCS Updates

Last Updated: 10/21/2020 5:10 PM

20-21 Mon Schools Updates

Check back here as we will update this page more and more the closer we get to school starting in September 2020

There are still many unknowns but we will provide guidance!

Per Governor's declaration - the 1st day of school is September 8.

Due to the unknowns of how COVID-19 evolves and its consequences, we are working on many aspects of the re-entry plan.  We will further define and refine the protocols (with information from the Governor, State Health Dept., Mon County Health Dept., CDC) for the various options parents have - such as in-person, virtual, remote, homeschool, etc.


Internet Access via Schools  or via Busses


All staff must complete the Self-Screening tool every day prior to entering an MCS worksite or bus

All students - whether blended, distance, or WV Virtual - must complete the Self-Screening tool prior to getting on a bus or beginning their school day!

Click here to go to the Self-Screening tool


MCS Return to Learn Guidebook for Staff  Updated 10/6/2020


Monongalia County Re-Entry Plan      (PDF)

Posted 8/14/2020                                                                

Saturdays at 9pm is official notice for what the following week of instruction looks like.

Per Governor's Directive

Stay current with these websites - these sites will provide guidance on re-entry.
MCS Revised 20-21 School Calendar (updated 7/30/2020) FAQ's on School Options

Monongalia County Health Department

Office of the Governor WV

CDC Coronavirus Website


WV DHHR Coronavirus Information

What color are we today?  To see county color code - go to this WVDHHR link, scroll down to chart and choose County Alert System - then you can click on just our county.

Information for MCS Return to Learn!

Click here to open the PDF with details for the week of 9/28-10/2

Elementary Schedules through November 6   -->PRE-K Only             -->Kinder - 5th Grade

Middle School Schedule through November 6          High School Schedule through November 6

Please wear a face covering

Schoolmessenger Calls 

7-13-20 Sound Clip   PDF

8-21-20  Sound Clip    PDF   Memo

(8/21 - call concerns re-entry registration and before and after school programming.)

9-3-20  Sound Clip    PDF

9-5-20   PDF

9-6-20    Sound Clip    PDF

9-6-20   MHS Sept 8 Info             UHS Sept 8 Info

9/8/20  Sound Clip    PDF

9/26/20    Sound Clip      PDF

WV Department of Education Coronavirus Information:

Virtual Learning & Homeschooling Information    

9-5-20 Posting from Dr. Campbell for week of 9/8-9/11

Listen to Dr. Campbell on the Radio - 9/8/2020