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Message from the Superintendent


Eddie R. Campbell, Jr., Ed.D. 
Superintendent of Schools 


Welcome back, Monongalia County students and families!       

I hope your children had an enjoyable summer break and are ready for an adventurous school year with their teachers and friends.  

This year brings a new level of excitement for the school community. The release of health restrictions has helped us turn a corner and “reset” in terms of integrating the needs of our students and setting new expectations. As I’ve expressed to our staff,

“Ninety percent of success in life is showing up, the other 10% depends on what (or whom) you’re showing up for.”   Woody Allen

This paraphrased quote sets the tone for expectations for student attendance in the upcoming school year, and a renewed focus for our school system.    

The most important predictor of your child’s academic success is no different than it is in extra-curricular activities, athletics, or eventually, a career – they must show up and be accountable.  

You will hear our “Attend to Win!” message often this year as a reminder of the importance of attendance.     

It is crucial for students to be present in the classroom on a daily basis to feel connected and to make progress. A student’s relationship with the teacher and the school community is built during the school year and throughout the Pre-K through 12 experience. These relationships serve as a strong foundation for your child’s success beginning on day one.  

We take the daily influence we have on your child very seriously. With that influence comes a great responsibility to earn and keep students’ attention and trust. As a top school district, our administrators and staff will work enthusiastically to make school a consistently positive and safe place for your child to thrive as an individual, and as an important part of the school.  

In turn, I ask that parents and caregivers make a renewed commitment to meet your end of that responsibility. Set your child up for success by making sure they are in school, every day, ready to learn. I also encourage you to get involved by volunteering or simply connecting with the teacher to monitor your child’s progress on a consistent basis.    

Our priorities for students remain unchanged - to provide a safe, fun and academically rigorous learning environment geared for achievement. 

We look forward to welcoming students tomorrow and Wednesday to the excitement of the first day of school and the year to come. I thank you in advance for your shared commitment to their well-being and success in Monongalia County Schools.